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We're working out the kinks, and we need your help.  If you represent a local food processor or community garden and would like to participate in a FREE trial membership, we'd love to hear from you!

Food Recycling Members

If you take the time to source local and organic produce, why not take the time to return those food scraps back into the same soil used to grow that produce? Common Compost works with chefs and kitchen staff to design a customized time and space saving recycling program. We help reduce the total costs spent on mixed organic collection programs. And best of all, we help you play a direct role in igniting the urban agriculture scene in your own neighborhood!

Let us help you do the best you can for your local environment and for your business!  Together we can close the loop on the urban farm-to-fork experience.  Contact us for more information.


Urban Garden/Farm Hosts

Are you spending a large amount of your budget on garden soil, fertilizers, and other soil amendments?  What if you had free access to the most organic fertilizer on earth.... worm castings?! In exchange for hosting a Common Compost facility at your urban garden/farm, we offer complimentary monthly supplies of vermicompost available to your gardening community.   Our worm composting machines are compact, clean, and odor-free, with no electricity needed!  Our operations require minimal access and processing per day.

Let us help you grow your garden and local support for urban agriculture! By hosting our composting machines in the public eye, together we can build community awareness of sustainable food systems in cities.  Contact us for more information.